Coronado Community Center Nautilus Room

The City of Coronado reports that during the month of September, the Community Center’s Nautilus Room has been booked for 16 weddings, with an estimated attendance of 3,200 people. It’s a typical September for the Community Center, and somewhat of a break for staff. Summer is by far the busiest time of year for the Nautilus Room. Fascinating Fact: The most weddings ever held in a one-month period in the Nautilus Room during the summer was 20. However, the Nautilus Room was rented every day of one particularly busy June, which included weddings and other events.

This City of Coronado now publishes a calendar of Nautilus Room bookings.  Events listed on this calendar may not be up to date as rental requests are taken daily.  Coronado Residents may book rooms 24 months in advance.  Non-Coronado Residents may book rooms 18 months in advance.  Please call the City of Coronado at 619‐522‐2455 for additional facility rental information.

Coronado Community Center Nautilus Room

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