Cell Phones Unplugged

Cell phones present a host of problems for brides and grooms and they’re starting to fight back.   From leaking pictures of the bride getting ready to unflattering shots of the wedding party, not to mention the lack of focus during a celebration that is providing witness to the wedding, cell phones etiquette is not as good as we would hope it could be.   Brides and grooms are taking a proactive stance to avoid these problems, and guests are learning to live with it.   The New York Times featured an article about this subject:  I Dos Unplugged.

Even if the bride and groom don’t take a stand on this, turn off your phone and live in the moment.  It’s a special day for the bride, the groom and their families.  You’re there to witness and you can leave the photography to the photographer!

Image Credit: New York Times/David Flaherty

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