Coronado Limits Beach Weddings with New Policy

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Coronado Limits Beach Weddings with New Policy

 Coronado, CA (July 24, 2012) – After receiving complaints about too many weddings on the beach, Coronado agreed last week to require permits and charge fees for beach weddings of any size, and to assign a liaison to supervise each event.

At its July 17 meeting, the Coronado City Council approved a more restrictive beach wedding policy that is expected to recover the City’s coordinating, scheduling and supervising costs, and improve access for all coastal visitors. Council members also established three time-restricted loading zones for beach-wedding and other special-event permit-holders who cart accessories, such as arbors, signs and chairs, on and off the beach.

“The new permit and fee requirements, along with the parking plan, will allow the City to monitor and limit the number of weddings on the beach and their associated event vendors,” said Recreation Director Linda Rahn.

Under the new policy, any event that includes bringing any equipment or accessories on the beach will require a permit and have a Recreation Department liaison assigned to review, supervise and enforce restrictions for event setup, parking, deliveries, noise and clean up on the wedding day.

The new beach wedding permit fees range from $150 to $1,000 and are based on the size of the event or number of vendors that have parking and loading requirements.  The new fees go into effect September 1, 2012, for all new permits. Existing permits will be honored.

Under the policy, beach weddings also have the following limitations and conditions of use:

  • No permits will be issued for Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Labor Day  holidays or holiday weekends;
  • No permits will be issued for Central Beach, the busiest area for Coronado Lifeguards, on Saturday and Sunday between May 1 and September 30 or on Easter weekend;
  • Central Beach weddings will be limited to 50 or fewer people;
  • Alcohol, catering, electrical generators and portable restrooms are NOT allowed.

Previously, the City did not require permits for beach weddings with 25 or fewer people, which resulted in an unknown number of smaller ceremonies, in addition to larger weddings that received permits.  City staff will begin implementing an aggressive campaign to inform commercial wedding and event planners of the new policies and encourage them to inform their suppliers.

In addition, permitted events must use one of three new loading zones the City will create at North Beach, off Ocean Drive adjacent to the North Beach restrooms; at Central Beach within an existing, striped traffic island on Ocean Boulevard at RH Dana Place; and at South Beach on the Avenida del Sol cul-de-sac in an existing parking space.


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