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I wonder who is getting married on Coronado beach today?!

Happy First Day of Summer!!! Summer weddings have an added advantage because all the summer flowers are blooming! You have so many choices in size, color and variety. Don’t you love the organic look of this arrangement?

Summer Flowers - Martha StewartMartha Stewart Flowers

Cell phones present a host of problems for brides and grooms and they’re starting to fight back.   From leaking pictures of the bride getting ready to unflattering shots of the wedding party, not to mention the lack of focus during a celebration that is providing witness to the wedding, cell phones etiquette is not as good as we would hope it could be.   Brides and grooms are taking a proactive stance to avoid these problems, and guests are learning to live with it.   The New York Times featured an article about this subject:  I Dos Unplugged.

Even if the bride and groom don’t take a stand on this, turn off your phone and live in the moment.  It’s a special day for the bride, the groom and their families.  You’re there to witness and you can leave the photography to the photographer!

Image Credit: New York Times/David Flaherty

This beach wood sign is a sweet reminder of your special day, engagement or wedding, and will fit your beach theme perfectly!

Beach wood sign

Photo Credit: Mango Seed on Etsy

Wedding gifts are always extra special when the gift giver thinks of something to give that is personal, too. This would be a beautiful and unique gift for a bride of her wedding bouquet.

Reenie Rose on Vimeo

Wedding vows are one of the most personal parts of a wedding ceremony.  Usually, they are written on paper and probably folded up and lost after all the excitement is over.  But here is a perfect way to have your wedding vows and a lasting keepsake, too!   Handkerchief wedding vows - Martha Stewart - Ann Elser calligrapher

Martha Stewart Weddings Spring 2013 highlighted a wonderful calligraphy artist, Anne Elser, who will capture your wedding vows on a handkerchief in permanent paint.  You write your wedding vows, and send them to Anne,  providing your own handkerchief, or choose from one from her vintage collection.   What a lovely memory to be passed down to family members….

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Throwing Rice at Weddings….

May 2, 2013

Throwing rice at weddings is a tradition that goes back centuries when grains were thrown on a couple, representing fertility and a prosperous union.  Birdseed is a great alternative, being more eco-friendly, but I like this idea even better…… This idea comes from Martha Stewart:   Instead of throwing rice, toss lavender instead!  It smells wonderful, […]

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Sand Dollar Pendant – A Coronado Icon

April 30, 2013

The sand dollar is one of Coronado’s more recognizable icons. Isn’t this lovely? Laromantica Etsy Shop

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Save-the-Date, Invitations, & Stationary

April 15, 2013

Print material for weddings ranges from Save-The-Dates and Invitations to stationary and thank you cards and everything in between, depending on how fun, funky and creative the planning process proceeds.   Here are some ideas for your printing needs. Confused about all the terms?  Here’s a Wedding Stationary Glossary Save the Date cards: Tie the knot […]

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Miscellaneous Monday – Be Prepared!

April 8, 2013

Be prepared!  Weddings can be stressful, but you can learn from others mistakes and experiences.  Here is some food for thought…. It happens and you need to be prepared!  Comebacks to rude wedding questions 3 Mistakes Couples Make When Trying to Save Money on Their Wedding! (DON’T Be This Cheap Bride and Groom!) 14 Planning […]

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